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Freedom of religion and belief is very important. This research will analyze how the rights to freedom of religion and belief in Indonesia in the midst of the plurality of society and how is the role of the state in solving various problems of violations of the freedom of freedom of religion and belief in Indonesia. This study uses a normative juridical research method, while the conclusions in this study are first, in positive law it is explained that religious freedom is the most basic human right and should not be reduced at all (non-derogable). second, the state and its apparatus are responsible for preventing, obstructing, and even strictly punishing all attempts of coercion and intimidation of religious freedom. The suggestion in this research is that there needs to be a policy taken by all elements of the nation, academics, religious leaders and humanists in order to support the enforcement of the rights and principles of freedom of religion and belief in Indonesia.

Keywords : freedom, religion, human right




Ketua Penyunting (Editor In Chief)

Suwanto, S.H., M.H


Pengelola Editor (Managing Editor)

Richo Alda Pratama, M.Kom


Dewan Penyunting (Editorial Board)

Ahmad Farhan Choirullah, S.H.I., M.A

Ali Umar Harahap., S.H., M.H

Sukamto, S.H., M.H

Rad. Cloud Dirgantoro, S.H., M.H

Muh. Ikhsan, S.H., M.H


Mitra Bebestari (Reviewer)

Dr. Hamdan Azhar Siregar, S.H., M.H / Universitas Islam Jakarta

Dr. Untoro, S.H., M.H / Universitas Islam Jakarta

Dr. Papang Saptari / Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Hukum IBLAM Jakarta

Dr. Hartanto, S.H., M.H / Universitas Bhayangkara Jakarta

Dr. Indra Gunawan Purba, S.H., M.H / Universitas Al-Azhar Medan

Sabela Gayo, S.H., M.H., P.hD., CPL., ACIArb / Praktisi Hukum Kontrak & Ketua DPP PERKAHPI


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